"Arun and Trina were wonderful instructors, able to communicate and connect with our participants in a compelling and effective manner. The introduction of Carnatic concepts to the group of amateur and professional string players of all ages was a unique opportunity, and incredibly rewarding for both the participants and organizers. This activity, guided by such capable teaching artists, perfectly served the East-West Center's mission to bridge cultures and increase awareness and understanding across Asia, the Pacific, and the United States. It was one of the best hands-on workshops we have hosted."  - Eric Chang, Arts Program Coordinator, East-West Center, HI


"Trina is a truly inspiring musician and violin instructor. She has been teaching our 6-year old daughter for a little over a year and I am amazed at the progress. Our daughter was absolutely new to the violin and Trina's approach has been engaging and age-appropriate.  She has a warm personality that inspires students to try their hardest and offers thoughtful guidance to build technical proficiency.  Trina's students gain confidence and share their love of music at seasonal community concerts where they have opportunities to play solo and with other students. Each week Trina and Arun welcome us into their Violin House full of music and love - and we are so grateful to be a part of it!"  - Melissa Sarko


"Arun Ramamurthy is an unparalleled ambassador for South Indian Carnatic Music, being able to offer both brilliant performances and accessible educational experiences through lessons and workshops.  He possesses a rare background combining a deep classical training with his Indian guru, broad musical interests and abilities, as well as an American upbringing that make him instantly relatable and inspiring for musicians of all ages looking for an entry point into his rich musical tradition." - Mike Block (Silk Road Ensemble)

"Trina has given private and group lessons to our children over the past several years. She has and continues to inspire with her thoughtful lessons, motivation, encouragement, and artistry." - Emily & Greg Takoudes


"Learning violin from Arun been and enchanting experience. His dedication and passion for violin is evident in his teaching. He seamlessly connects Western to Indian Classical and makes it thoroughly enjoyable for us. I thank you in helping Akshaya to improve and perform better." - Sudha Krishnan


"Our journey of music through violin began with Raga Kids.  Our daughter Anya fell in love with music and the collective experience it brings when Ms. Trina invited the children to gently touch the violin, feel the strings, and then sing the notes they hear.  Through Ms. Trina's lessons, as of Fall 2017, violin has become a natural part of Anya's life where she is excited to practice, and learn new rhythms and ways to play the instrument.  Ms. Trina is thoughtful in her individualized approach to Anya's needs, ability, and progress as a student.  We are fortunate to have found such a wonderful teacher and community!" - Malvika Gupta


"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your time, assistance, hard work to helping me improve immensely. I have been attending your classes for more than a year and learnt many songs allowing me to understand and improve my skills in Carnatic violin. I greatly appreciate you helping me moving forward" - Akshaya, 12 years old