Brooklyn Violin House was started by wife and husband, Trina Basu and Arun Ramamurthy.

With Trina rooted in Western Classical, and Arun in South Indian Carnatic Classical, both violinists were brought together by a shared passion for music. They have been playing together since 2007, bridging their musical worlds and expanding their creative influences. Trina learned under jazz mentors and traveled to India to study Indian Classical violin connecting her western training with her Indian roots. Arun trained in Indian Classical music and began exploring with musicians from around the world, to connect his Indian training with his American roots. Their divergent musical journeys have been central to their careers as innovative educators and creative performers.

Trina and Arun live in Brooklyn with their two sons. Their house, the Brooklyn Violin House, is one filled with music!


Listen to Arun & Trina play music together